When he encounters a “twilight” scene before sunrise on board an aircraft from Nice to Paris In 2008, decided to built a career as a aerial photographer.

The obsession of overlooking directly above the target and shooting only twilight time is the key of his outstanding creation.

2009 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris(France)Honorable mention /International Photography Awards (USA) Honorable mention
2010 4TH PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP (USA)3rd Place - Honor of Distinction
2011 LONDON INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE COMPETITION (UK) shortlist/PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris(France) Bronze winner in the Nature category

In 2012 he published the new series deals with the time between natural light turning to artificial light in the city named “twilight” which have been the recipient of numerous awards globally, including Most Valuable Prize for Nature department at PX3 in Paris, and International Photography Awards 3rd place in Architecture Cityscapes category.
Solo exhibition of this series was held at Tokyo Art Gallery on 19th Oct to 20th Nov.

In 2013 he published the 2nd series ”line” on the theme of lights of human life and got prizes in the International Photography Awards Photographer of the Year in the Special category,Hasselblad Masters Finalists 2014, one eyeland (India) silver winner in the architecture aerial category, Photo La Emerging Focus (USA) Grand Prize and American Aperture Awards in the Cityscape category.
Solo exhibitions of this series were held at Hasselblad gallery japan, Ikebukuro Seibu Honten(tokyo), Shibuya Seibu(tokyo) and Tokyo Art Gallery.
Also these pictures was appeared in VICTOR-Photography Book One- by HASSELBLAD and shown at fotofever paris on Oct.

2014 ”Access” set in NYC and ”Terminal” set in LAX and JFK were released.
Solo exhibitions of this series were held at photo la (LA), ART NAGOYA(nagoya), Seibu Shibuya(tokyo), THE FENCE(NYC), Tokyo Art Gallery and ART KAOHSIUNG(taiwan). ”line” photo collection book published.

”Terminal” got prizes in the PDN Photo annual (USA) 1st Place, International Color Awards Masters Cup 3rd place in aerial category, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris First Prize in category Nature for the entry entitled and International Photography Awards 3rd place in Architecture Cityscapes category.

Hitoshi’s latest publication theme is ”life” which has already been finalist in siena international photo awards (italy) and going to be shown as a solo exhibition “There is something if you soar in the sky” at Itoya Ginza,Tokyo.